Privacy Policy

The SOLAR-TEC is committed to protecting your privacy in the handling of all data and information that is collected during your visit to our website, and while acknowledging the importance of this responsibility strive to protect the user according to the following policy.
Collection of Personal Data and Information The collection of personal data and information will be conducted within the realm of just and legal means. According to these means, when deemed necessary, SOLAR-TEC may collect personal data and information in the following situations:

1) A direct inquiry is received from the user
2) The user accesses the SOLAR-TEC website and their IP address is displayed
Scope of Data and Information Use SOLAR-TEC processes personal data and information such as name, postal code, address, phone number, and email address in the following cases: In order to contact the user to provide a variety of services, including the calculation of fees, the dispatching of invoices as well as the dispatching of promotional information regarding our services, direct-mail announcements, and email messages.
Management of Personal Data and Information Based on SOLAR-TEC's internal bylaws, we make every effort to protect against the disclosure, loss, and disposal of personal data and information by implementing an appropriate system of safety control, and secure all of the personal data and information that is imparted to us.
About disclosing individual information After requesting several categories of personal data and information such as email address and mailing address, we will then display this information to confirm the user's identity. We will never display this information to a third party except under the following circumstances:
1) Permission to display or share data and information has been granted by the user.
2) A request to display such data and information has been received by an official body such as the police or a court of law as part of a viable legal procedure.
3) Situations in which the user is determined to pose a threat to a third party.
Inquiries about SOLAR-TEC's Privacy Policy To register a complaint regarding the correction of personal data and information, the addition or erasure of data and information, or the manner in which data and information is handled, please refer to the "Inquiries" page on this website or contact SOLAR-TEC at the following address or phone number:

 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530, Japan
Revisions to Privacy Policy In order to better protect your personal data and information, SOLAR-TEC periodically revises its privacy policy in accordance with changes in the law and other standards. In such cases, notification of such revisions will be posted on the company's website.